Arthur Ross Award for Excellence in the Classical Tradition

2010 Painting/Mural Painting
Institute of Classical Architecture & Classical America

The Arthur Ross Awards were established in 1982 to recognize the achievements and contributions of architects,painters,sculptors,artisans, landscape architects, educators,publishers, and patrons dedicated to preserving and advancing the classical tradition, especially in the United States.

Each year, ICA&CA's Arthur Ross Jury selects five recipients for awards from among ten categories. Receiving 2010 awards in addition to Boyd Reath are Historical Concepts of Peachtree City,Ga., for Architecture: Fondation de Coubertin/Saint-Jacques Artisans Workshops of Saint-Remy-les-Chevereuse, France and Chicago for Artisanship; Sanchez & Maddux of Palm Beach, Fla.,for Landscape Architecture; and Monticello/Thomas Jefferson Foundation of Charlottesville, Va., for Stewardship.

Elle Decoration France

Best wallpaper of the year 2009
January 2010 edition